The Golden Harp is a Coaching Inn dating back to 1889, forming the apex of the Furze Platt Conservation Triangle, and served as a public house for 124 years. Not only does the building have physical importance as a non-listed heritage building, but as a public house the Golden Harp furthered the social wellbeing and social interests of the Furze Platt community. Local residents used to meet at the Golden Harp to socialise, meet new neighbours and discuss local events.

In December 2012, Tesco acquired the lease, and planned to turn the Golden Harp into a Tesco Express store. The Furze Platt Action Group (FPAG) was formed in December 2012 with the aim of preventing this happening, and we worked very hard to object to this proposal. The majority of residents in Furze Platt said they did not not want a Tesco Express at the Golden Harp site, and we created a petition which achieved 4,000 signatures.

We were proposing to restore the Golden Harp to a community pub. That meant working for you, to create a pub which you, as a resident, would be proud of.

Some of our ideas for the Golden Harp included:

  • Redesigning the interior to include two areas – for the bar and for dining / other uses
  • Wifi
  • A community library
  • Returning the meat van (if they were willing) to the car park
  • Using proceeds to offer a transport service to elderly residents to a larger supermarket in town for groceries
  • The purchase of a piano for music
  • Restoring the crib club, dart club, quiz night, band night and setting up a football club
  • Serving Real Ale from local sources
  • Restoration of the historic stables

We also welcomed the community’s ideas.

Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, we were unable to stop Tesco from opening their store on 4th June 2014, against strong community opposition.

The Golden Harp, 67 Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7NF