DCP Votes Not To Issue Article 4 Direction

We had a great turnout for the Development Control Panel meeting last night, and a strong presentation from our legal representative.

Unfortunately, we are told that, after a very lengthy and late debate, the Panel concluded not to issue the Article 4 directive.  We are awaiting clarification as to the basis for this outcome, but understand the decision was unanimous.

Obviously this is not the outcome we wanted but we will continue to fight with what we’ve got, with or without the Council’s support.

Cllr Wilson (Panel Chairman) said: “We are in total sympathy with the residents of the area and are frustrated about the impact on a historic corner of Maidenhead, including traffic and safety concerns. But, along with countless other areas countrywide, we find ourselves up against a situation which, although unwanted by the local community, is completely legal – we will be taking this issue to government. A better way needs to be found, both for Furze Platt residents and all the other communities in a similar situation.”

RBWM press release
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