A Very Sad Day for Local Democracy

The opening of the Tesco Express store in Furze Platt is indeed a very sad day for local democracy. The vast majority of local residents, through petitions, surveys, public meetings and letters of objection have made it very clear that they are opposed to the opening of this store.

We hope that our supporters and local people will boycott this store as it is the only way left for us to protest against this unwanted development. We truly hope that our pedestrian and traffic safety concerns are not realised and that Tesco prove to be a good neighbour, something they have failed to demonstrate so far.

The FPAG is currently working on a number of exciting projects, with National and Government organisations, to change the planning laws in order to protect pubs from suffering the same fate as the Golden Harp. The campaign is far from over and we will continue to push for change.

Action groups around the country are coming to us for advice and using our data and legal experience to protect their communities and so our campaign has grown beyond just saving the Golden Harp, local businesses and the Post Office.

We have also set up a Residents’ Committee to monitor the site to ensure that Tesco do not breach any of the conditions imposed on them at the Appeal Hearing in October 2013.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the campaign so far and look forward to working with you, and the ever growing number of like-minded people around the country, in the future.

Mark Newcombe
Chairman FPAG

2014-06-03 Boycott Tesco