Furze Platt Residents to Boycott Tesco

Click here for the full results of the Golden Harp Residents’ Survey (pdf 443kb)

Press Release

The results of the Furze Platt Action Group’s Survey of residents, who will be affected by the Tesco Express which is due to open, shortly, at the Golden Harp Public House site in Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead, have just been released. The overall results were :-

  • 94% of residents are concerned about the increase in traffic and/or risk of accidents when the Tesco Express opens and are concerned about the safety of children walking to and from school.


  • 79% said they would boycott the Tesco Express.

Views on what could or should be done were somewhat more mixed:-

  • 57% wanted traffic calming in Courthouse Road, with 22% against and 22% not sure.
  • 67% wanted width restrictions, with 21% against and 12% not sure.
  • 91% wanted loading restrictions and yellow lines around the Golden Harp site to prevent delivery trucks or customers from parking or waiting on the roads.
  • 70% thought there should be free parking permits for residents and their visitors where they lived close to the Golden Harp.

Residents also expressed their views on the potential loss of the Post Office.

  • 95% were concerned about the loss of the Post Office, if the Best One shop closed as a result of the opening of Tesco Express.

and about the use of permitted development rights to convert the pub to a store without a full planning application, meaning factors such as traffic safety could not be taken into full consideration.

  • 94% wanted a change in planning law so that full planning permission should have to be obtained.  

Whilst the views of residents in the immediate area ( Courthouse Road, Furze Platt Road, Linden Avenue, Oaken Grove  varied slightly from the overall results they were not significantly different.

Many of the residents were scathing in their individual comments criticising Tesco for going ahead with this store given the overwhelming opposition against it.

Mark Newcombe, the Chairman of the Furze Platt Action Group, reflecting on the survey, said:

“Thames Valley Police have already expressed their concern about the impact of this store on what is a busy junction. The Furze Platt Action Group will be working with the Royal Borough and looking to the Council to bring forward plans to deal with what will undoubtedly be a chaotic and dangerous situation for local residents and their children.”

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead thanked the FPAG for organising the survey and said the results were very informative.  The council added:

“We are very keen to continue our constructive work with local residents to help deal with a number of their concerns. Several highway improvements and management controls have already been put in place to prevent parking and loading abuses. However, we are always willing to look at further proposals, including the possibility of a residents’ parking permits scheme, although that would require formal consultation on the creation of a residents’ parking zone.”

Regarding residents’ desire for a change in the planning law, the council added:

“We continue to give consideration to how our planning policies can best address residents’ frustrations within national planning regulations.”

Note to editors;
600 questionnaires were delivered in the local area and could be completed by paper or online at http://www.savetheharp.co.uk. 166 returns were received ie 28%, an extraordinary response for such a survey. 76 of those returns were from the immediate area ie Courthouse Road/Furze Platt Road/ Linden Avenue/ Oaken Grove.