Swept Path Analysis of a Tesco 12.6m articulated vehicle

Here is the Swept Path Analysis sent to us by Beth Greenhouse of Tesco after our telephone conference on the 29th July 2013.

Swept Path Analysis 2013-05-29
(click the image to enlarge, or view the original document here)

The view on the left shows a 12.6m (41 ft) articulated lorry travelling north up Courthouse Road and turning into the existing Golden Harp car park entrance. The unloading position is as shown in the middle of the car park.

The view on the right shows the lorry doing a u-turn in the car park and exiting by turning right out of the car park and heading towards the junction to Furze Platt Road.

We invite you to draw your own conclusions and then perhaps write to Tesco, Theresa May, your Ward Councillors and the local press to let them know what you think of this proposal.