Hey Tesco! – The FPAG’s Protest Song

Here it is at last – Hey Tesco!, the FPAG’s Protest Song!

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If you don’t like the way Tesco is conducting its business, please help us by publicising and buying the song.

A big thank you to Andy, Peter and James for making this happen.

Hey! Tesco!

See this building site? A pub used to be here
And all my friends and neighbours I used to see here
A pint and pie with pals – an evening of bliss
But supermarket business means we cannot have this

Hey! Tesco! We don’t need any more
Mindless bleeping at the checkout, clean up in aisle four
Hey Tesco! No-one needs to keep track
Of Clubcard loyalty points – we need a place to relax

Have you noticed that in pubs people smile?
In supermarkets they just scowl all the while
For cards or darts or pool the pub is the best
Not to mention music, sport and the rest

Hey! Tesco! You’re one helluva bore
And I want character and fun to be living next door
Hey! Tesco! I’m an old-fashioned man
I want an evening with mates,
Not late-night shopping for jam

Hey! Tesco! We all know what is best
We need to see our friends more and not ten items or less
Hey Tesco! We don’t need any more
We want a temple of peace and not a palace of chores

Hey! Tesco! We don’t need any more
Of your faceless grub for money coming up to my door
Hey! Tesco! You’re one helluva vulture
Picking every scrap of meat off our community’s culture