Treasurer’s Report – 02.06.14

There have been comments made recently on Facebook regarding the funds raised by the Furze Platt Action Group (FPAG). As the Treasurer of the FPAG I would like to put to rest the minds of those who have generously donated.

Since the FPAG was founded in April 2013 the funds raised amounts to £4,700 and expenses so far amount to around £4,000, the most expensive of which was a payment of £3,000 for legal advice. The current bank balance is £692.66. Anyone who wishes may contact the FPAG via the website and a member of the committee will be happy to take them through the accounts.

As a qualified accountant I can assure everyone concerned that all donations are accounted for and all expenses are agreed by the members of the FPAG committee.

Yours sincerely,

Steven K Pritchard ACMA CGMA BA
Treasurer FPAG