You can find out what Save the Golden Harp was all about here. The FPAG was successful in lessening the impact of the conversion of the Golden Harp to a Tesco Express. The current planning laws made it impossible to prevent the conversion from going ahead. However, we are pleased that thanks to our campaign, and the campaigning of others, the first steps have been taken to change the planning laws to help protect pubs in the future. We are still urging people to get involved in local issues and:

  1. Sign our petition calling on the government to save our pubs – http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/66572. Publicise by downloading our leaflet
  2. Help protect your local pubs by supporting CAMRA and registering your pub as an Asset of Community Value
  3. Boycott Tesco – don’t shop at any of their stores or online.  Remember, Tesco also owns or part-owns Giraffe restaurants, Harris+Hoole coffee shops, One Stop convenience stores and Dobbies garden centres. Write to the Chairman and CEO of Tesco telling them why you’re boycotting them. Contact details are here